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Mistress Eleanor - Domination Humiliation Discipline & Role Play





Ask Me anything, apart from what is listed here.
If you keep asking Me the same questions, over and over, you WILL piss Me off!

This list is short, for now. I expect it will grow quickly. Check for Updates.
















Q. I already see a Master/Mistress. Will You see me?
A. Yes, but while you are with Me, you are Mine. Messages from your Master/Mistress passed on to Me by you will be ignored. I will consider requests from your Master/Mistress if He/She contacts Me directly in advance of our session.

Q. Do You use "safe words" in Your Sessions?
A. Yes. Always. I have Mine that you will be instructed to use before the session, unless you always use the same ones. In this case, in the interest of the best possible safety during the session, yours will be used. Tell Me in advance what they are to avoid confusion

Q. Will I have to sign a "contract"?
A. Before One to one training sessions, for both our safety, Yes.
Webcam training does not require it, but you may request one if you book in advance.

Q. Can I serve You now in person
A. No. I only take advance bookings for One to one sessions. Bookings should be made at least 24 hours in advance, unless I have told you different by email. 

Q. How much is a session?
A. Read My "info" page.

Q. Do You require a deposit?
A. Read My "info" page, and "click" where indicated.

Q. I am new to this. Will You see me for 30 minutes, as this will be My first time?
A. No. Sessions are for a minimum of 60 minutes. Sessions will be paced accordingly for inexperienced subs.

Q. I sent You an email a while ago, but You haven't replied to me. How long do You take to reply to emails?
A. I spend 2 hours everyday reading and replying to emails. I skim them all first, and reply to the best ones first. If you have sent Me email more than a week ago, and have not received a reply yet, try sending Me another with more details for Me to reply to.
I added an auto response to My main email address on 8th January 2014. After this date all emails that arrive in My inbox will receive this reply. I will reply personally if I think your email is worth My time.

Q. You sent me my training session details yesterday, for my training session today, but I have not received details of the session location. When will I receive them?
A. If you have not sent Me your session details back, the session is not confirmed. I need to know that you agree to the terms of the session before the training can take place.

Q. Will You leave marks on My skin?
A. I never leave permanent marks on My sub's skin unless requested. Any marks left will fade after an hour or two (depending how your skin reacts). If you cannot be marked at all, let Me know in your first email. I have a soft tail whip & a small loop whip that won't mark the skin. Of course, the best way of not being marked, is to avoid punishment altogether.

Q. Can I be Your toilet slave?
A. I do not offer full toilet training, but I will piss on disobedient subs who either request it, or who do not respond to other forms of punishment.

Q. Do You offer forced masturbation or orgasm denial?
A. Yes. I also enforce the use of a chastity device sometimes

Q. Will You use me as Your sex slave?
A. No. I am not looking for sex, and I do not have sex with My subs in any form.

Q. Will I be allowed to masturbate?
A. Only slaves submitting to total obedience, with no need for punishment during the session, will be allowed to masturbate on My say so.

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