Mistress Eleanor - Domination Humiliation Discipline & Role Play


slave Training Sessions Available
  • Boot & Heel Worship
  • Foot Fetish & Kicking
  • Arse Worship & Face Smothering
  • Corporal Punishment - eg. Slapping, Spanking, Caning, Whipping
  • Bondage & Discipline (click)
  • Tie & Tease - eg, with Ropes, scarves
  • Cock, Balls & Nipple Torture
  • Forced Orgasm
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Smoking Fetish
  • Humiliation - including verbal & physical humiliation (click)
  • Financial Domination/Blackmail (click)
  • Watersports
  • Sissy Maid Training & Cross Dressing
  • Erotic Role Play - eg. Teacher/student, Mother/son, Boss/worker
  • Costumes & Clothing Fetishes - eg, Rubber/Latex, Leather, PVC
  • Stockings & Tights
  • Double Domme Sessions (click)
  • Webcam Domination/Distance Training (click)
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Training sessions vary considerably, and no session can be described as "typical.
Training will be given in the following forms:

Training will be given to successful applications from;

  • subs seeking a long term Mistress/sub relationship
  • subs seeking a Mistress Worship experience.
  • subs seeking to experience Female Domination
  • subs seeking to experience Female Domination with two Mistresses
  • masochists
  • fetishists

Send your application via email to Mistress@Mistress-Eleanor.com
Here is my availability over the next few weeks.
Include in your application the type of training you require. Tell Me something about yourself, including your level of experience, your limits and expectations. I will accept applications from inexperienced subs, and subs new to the scene. One line emails, emails that are indecipherable, or emails that do not have enough information will not be responded to. you can ask Me questions, but ask Me in proper sentences. Don't ask Me anything already mentioned in My website.
I might want more information from you to arrange the session, but I will not waste My time asking anything you should tell Me when you applied. If I don't feel like your email is worth a reply, I won't reply to it. Read My website, and tell Me that you have in your email.
Also, tell Me how or where you found My website.
I will use the information you tell Me as the basis for the session. I am not interested in email tennis over any period of time. If arranging the session starts to take up too much of My time, I will just abandon it.
Here are some tips on how to make a good impression.

follow Me  on twitter: https://twitter.com/MistressEleanor

contact Me on messenger (yahoo & windows live/skype): misstress_eleanor@yahoo.co.uk

email Me: Mistress@Mistress-Eleanor.com
Add this email address to your "whitelist" or list of "safe addresses" to ensure email from Me does not arrive in your spam box or junk mail.