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I practice most forms of discipline, humiliation, degradation & bondage.
I practice most fetishes.
I seek to hear from subs to worship My feet & footwear & My arse & body.
I seek to hear from DIY slaves & working slaves.
I seek to hear from subs who enjoy role play - eg Boss, Teacher
I see to hear from masochists and pathetic little worms in need of punishment.
I love to control and discipline My subs, and will consider most fetishes, in return for obedience.
your age, looks & status are not important to Me. Complete commitment to being a good sub is.
I demand obedience at all times. I will not hesitate to punish those who deserve it and those who crave it.














I am excited by power & control. I enjoy dressing up in clothes and shoes that make Me feel in control. I want you to desire Me & want Me. I want you to worship Me. I want you to love me. I want you to look at Me and adore Me. But you cannot touch. I am not looking for sex.
My good subs will describe Me as strict but gentle. Obedient subs will describe Me as firm but fair. But don't mess with Me, or I'll fuck you up!
I will take control by means of language & in a physical way, with spanking equipment & restraints. I am a lifestyle Mistress, and have just a few regular subs.
I will see subs with no future commitment for fetish sessions, but there is never any sex involved.
Sometimes I will allow My sub to masturbate. Sometimes I tie or otherwise punish My sub's genitals. I will sometimes enforce the use of a chastity device.
Write to Me with a few details about yourself, including your experience levels, limitations, and what you can offer Me as your Mistress
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contact Me on messenger (yahoo & skype & windows live): misstress_eleanor@yahoo.co.uk

email Me: Mistress@Mistress-Eleanor.com
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