Mistress Eleanor - Domination Humiliation Discipline & Role Play


slave Training Sessions Available
  • Boot & Heel Worship
  • Foot Fetish & Kicking
  • Arse Worship & Face Smothering
  • Corporal Punishment - eg. Slapping, Spanking, Caning, Whipping
  • Bondage & Discipline (click)
  • Tie & Tease - eg, with Ropes, scarves
  • Cock, Balls & Nipple Torture
  • Forced Orgasm
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Smoking Fetish
  • Humiliation - including verbal & physical humiliation (click)
  • Financial Domination/Blackmail (click)
  • Watersports
  • Sissy Maid Training & Cross Dressing
  • Erotic Role Play - eg. Teacher/student, Mother/son, Boss/worker
  • Costumes & Clothing Fetishes - eg, Rubber/Latex, Leather, PVC
  • Stockings & Tights
  • Double Domme Sessions (click)
  • Webcam Domination/Distance Training (click)

Apply for your Mistress Party invitation via this link.















you can send Me cash via Gift Rocket
to email address
or email Me for My other payment options

One to one Training
When the session has been agreed, you should send £20 to secure your appointment, or you can send Me a tribute of £100 in advance of your 60 minute session. Payment instructions will be sent to your inbox when your application has been accepted.

Unless you have paid in advance, as My sub you are expected to bring a gift for Me of no less than £100 (in crisp clean £10 notes, in a plain white sealed envelope) to your first One to one training session. No gift is too generous. Generous subs will be treated favourably, should they require further training. Subsequent sessions should be gifted as I request.
Session duration is usually 60 minutes, unless you are told otherwise before the session, but you should never be in a hurry for a session. I expect sessions to run on time, but should you be disobedient and require discipline, you are expected to stay longer to accept your punishment. We run on My schedule, not yours. you can leave when I am satisfied.
I expect you to arrive on time, or receive discipline. Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early. If you are late, the session will still end at the agreed time. If you are very late, or do not show at all, you risk the session being called off and/or getting yourself blacklisted.

I require My subs to sign a contract for all sessions. The contract will fit the session arrangement.
All sessions are arranged and agreed in advance. Changes to the terms of the session will not be made mid session.
These rules apply to everyone, no exceptions.
Sessions will be held in locations between Doncaster and Barnsley, in South Yorkshire.
For longer sessions, you may be asked for a larger deposit to secure the time for the session.
Deposits are payable via Send your payment via Gift Rocket to email address Mistress@online-slave-training.info
Click Here for My Availability for One to one slave training sessions.

Double Domme Sessions
Miss Legs will be available for Double Domme sessions with Me. All applications and requests will be considered by Miss Legs & Mistress Eleanor for Double Domme sessions.
Tribute to be made in advance only for Double Domme sessions. Payment instructions will be given if and when a session has been agreed. Send your application to either Mistress@Mistress-Eleanor.com or Miss-Legs@Mistress-Eleanor.com
As well as Double Domme sessions, Mistress Party dates are available, as published via the Double Domme page. Click the link for details.

Long Term Servitude
subs seeking a long term Domme/sub relationship will usually be seen as mentioned above in the first instance. There may be several One to one sessions on a short term contract, before a longer contract will be accpepted. Contact Me after your first session if you require further training, and I will consider your request. you may request a longer term contract at any time, but I will keep the relationship on a session by session basis, until I feel you are ready to accept terms for a longer/indefinate slave contract.

Online slave Training
via email and/or messenger

7 tasks to complete remotely, with detailed instruction sent to your inbox.
Send Me a gift of £70 to receive your course of online slave training. I will send you payment instructions in response to your training request email.
Send Me an email, tell Me what you will and will not do in advance, and if you have any toys, instruments, weapons, clothing, etc. I will respect your limits, and will not include anything beyond your limits in your training. Refusal to complete any task I set, will result in being dismissed from your training.
you will receive your next training task once the previous one is completed and checked by Me. I will send you a report on your previous task at the same time.
Task 2 may be a modification of your first task, similar to your first task, or an extended version of your first task. The reason for this will be in your report.
Tasks will be tailored to suit, based on likes, dislikes, fetishes, limitations etc, and are designed to make you the best sub you can be.
you will not need any specialist equipment to carry out this training, although if you have props/tools/toys/equipment and/or fetishwear, this will be used.
You will need a camera for this training. A camera phone is fine, as the image quality is not important.
No images you send to Me will be published, or released to any other person, in any way without prior written consent.
One course of training of this type will typically take a week to complete. Any days you are unavailable for this training should be detailed in your initial email, and will be taken into account. There will be no excuse for late tasks. Continuous sloppiness, disobedience will result in your training being terminated with immediate effect.

you may also apply for online slave training/distance training from My other website by clicking here.

Webcam Domination
submit to Me via webcam. Webcam sessions are available for a minimum of 30 minutes. Email Me at Mistress@Mistress-Eleanor.com to request a webcam session. I will send payment details with My reply. Send Me a Tribute add your messenger details the payment/transaction details to receive your messenger invitation.Payment will show on your statement as Payment.
Tribute for 30 minute session is £50  
Tribute for 40 minute session is £60  
Tribute for 50 minute session is £70  
Tribute for 60 minute session is £80  

I occasionally offer shorter sessions via My Profile here. My Profile will show you when I am available for webcam sessions, and the minimum booking length will be displayed. I will not accept applications for sessions shorter than 30 minutes at any other time.

Other Notes
Sometimes, what is required is a mixture of different types of training, planned over a period of time. Typically, Blackmail & Financial Domination fit into this category.
If your expectations for the session does not seem to fit into any of the above, send your application as normal, and I will tell you what to do next.
If you wish to apply for a session requiring specific items that I do not already have in My collection, you will be expected to provide Me with them, in advance of the session.

Appear On My Website
I am interested in subs who want to feature on My website. Tell Me in your email application. I will need your signature on one of My release forms to allow this, and also some photo identification before any photographs or video are taken. For video, a camera will be set up in the room, and footage from the session will be edited afterwards. For photographs it will depend on the type of session. For some sessions, there will be a camera in the room, and photographs will be taken throughout. For some sessions this will not be practical, as it will interfere with your training. If this is the case, photos will be taken before the session, or after the session, or both. I will tell you which when your session is being arranged. There may be time added to your session for this as required, and again, I will tell you this before the session. Some degree of anonymity may be maintained, with the use of a mask or a hood. However, I will not edit tattoos, birthmarks, or any other distinguishing features out of photographs or video footage.


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