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The person being humiliated is often called a bottom, and the Person who humiliates the bottom is often called the Top, though these are standard terms used in general Dominant/submissive role play and are not specific to humiliation interests. The Top, if Female, sometimes is called the Humiliatrix. Other common names are slave and sub/submissive, for the bottom (irrespective of gender), and Mistress/Domme (Female Top).
Humiliation is not the same as dominance: the devotee does not necessarily seek to be ordered about. However, elements of erotic humiliation may be desirable to a number of dominance based activities. Humiliation comes into its own as a sexual force when the devotee seeks the humiliation over and above the means: when being spanked is primarily valued because of the belittlement involved, for example. Humiliation therefore encompasses a range of paraphilia, including foot fetish, shoe fetish, body worship, spanking, bondage, and most BDSM styles. It can be as basic as the desire to kiss and massage feet as a precursor to sex; and it can be complex, involving roleplay and public displays of subservience. It can also be for a set period of time (a "scene") or an ongoing facet of a relationship. The humiliation is not intrinsic to the act or the object. Rather, it is semiotically charged by the shared attitude of the partners engaged in the act. They invest specific acts, objects, or body parts with a humiliating aspect.

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I am a blank canvas to mould into any shape you please but one of the most exciting and terrifying humiliation I can imaging would to be crushed under your dirty boots forced to  lick off the mud and used as a toilet for you and your friends.
The desperation as im tied under your toilet now impossible to trun back as you slip a funnel into my mouth.
Writhing under you heels as you dig them into my chest as you release your amber liquid into my mouth relaxing in pleasure as I desperately struggle to swallow all your liquid.
Then a moment of sheer terror as you explain you’re not finished yet as you remove the funnel and sit on my face.  Open wide slave you command tensing to deliver the meal you have been preparing all night.
I am open to any pleasures mistress desires to give should I be found worthy
I kneel ready to answer any questions you may desire
From a Hopeful Slave
Adrien Guenard
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ugly tortured penis
I just took the tape of. It was actually very painful: I got a free epilation. However, it feels very strange now: my penis is very soft (it had a very hard time), but it however feels very agreeable: I have the feeling that my cock has been tortured and that it doesn't belong to me anymore: you made it yours. During those 11 hours, my penis has been fighting, was trying to get erected, but was firmly maintained under control inside the tape, and I imagined you crushing it like a piece of this with your beautiful feet, which made me evenmore excited, which made it evenmore painful. I felt your control over my dick, and I absolutely loved it. I want to thank you for this fantastic task, because it also made me discover CBT (I had tried urethral penetration before and I liked it, but my cock and balls have never been tortured for so long). I really felt like a piece of shit when I sent you the pics, but I was also very pleased to serve you and your fantastic feet. I am now a CBT addict, and I beg you to give me another short and humiliating task to do with my dick so that I can send you pics to show you how grateful I am and what I am ready to do for you now with my dick (sorry YOUR dick).
Thank you very much Goddess!
Adrien Guénard
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her pertty made up face sunk deep into the toilet bowl sissy slut slave in chastity girly knickers
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